We are Music as Medicine — WalkingStar Martinez and Rick “Thunder” Bastine.

We were called by something bigger than us. Call it Spirit, God, Creator, Universe, Law of Attraction… call it what you will. Although neither of us were trained musicians, we answered the call. Realizing that we were brought together with a shared vision of offering healing sound as medicine, we have undertaken the mission to bring to life that which moves through us when we connect in sound in the presence of others.

The knowledge and wisdom that music / sound / frequency has healing power occurs in almost every culture and goes back to the beginning of time.

  • Apollo was the god of both music / sound / frequency and healing.
  • Hippocrates is said to have used music / sound / frequency to help treat his patients.
  • In the Old Testament, King Saul’s fits of depression were alleviated by the music / sound / frequency of young David.

A great deal of scientific research and numerous studies have confirmed that music / sound / frequency has psychological and physiological effects. While science can now see via medical imaging the changes in the human brain while listening to Beethoven or Elvis, music is a very complex stimulus, and the ways it works on us are still a mystery to science.

Our intention is to utilize music / sound / frequency to address physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional, cognitive and/or social issues. Our vision is to reach as many people with our healing sound, one-on-one, in small or large group settings, and globally.

With love, light and eternal healing,

Music as Medicine

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I would like to share that attending the Sound Healing at the Dome of Light in Espanola recently was an amazing experience. The Dome is Tactile, Exquisitely Decorated, Stunning — perfect acoustics. The providers are very special beings. AND then you get to lie down on comfortable, cozy mats laid out in a circle for us. The sounds that then issued literally Bathed every cell of my being and I floated into such peace. Rick and WalkingStar use an assortment of instruments achieving an exquisite vibration. I felt this vibration surround my Very old, Very painful rotator cuff injury. About an hour later at the conclusion I realized I had NO pain in my shoulder joint. I was a bit euphoric on the drive home. It had been so long since I was able to raise my hand/arm over my head without tears coming to my eyes from the pain. I will now continue with private sessions to cement the healing and strengthening of my rotator. I will return often for the Sound Healings. Thank you so very much for the work, beauty and evolution from me to those at the Dome.

Judith Havens

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